The Building


The house was built in 1873 by F. Kauffmann an architect formed in the line of Friedrich Weinbrenner (1766-1826) the famous Grand Ducal architect. It was built in the “Badisches Landhaus” (Baden country house) style with a clear framework and a symmetrical structure which has been well conserved to the present day. Christof L. Diedrichs pays tribute to it in his publication, "Landhäuser und Villen in Badenweiler” (ed. Culturcon / medien / Berlin, published in 2008).

The Villa Martha was acquired by Dr. Hermann Julius Thomas (1840 -1909), great grandfather of the present owner who named his house ‘Villa Martha’ after his daughter. Today it is one of the very few houses in Badenweiler which have remained in possession of the same family.



Dr. Hermann Julius Thomas, the founder of the Villa Martha, was a cure and spa doctor and the medical counsellor of the Grand Duc of .Baden. Dr. Hermann Julius Thomas (1840-1909) was born in Krefeld (Rhineland) and moved to Badenweiler in the year 1872.
Dr. Thomas was convinced of the salutary effects of music in addition to the healing properties of thermal water cures. He therefore encouraged and supported the spa orchestra by offering music notes of well known composers. He even participated, as a cellist, with his own performances.
As a committed philanthropist and a selfless physician, Doctor Thomas was keenly interested in furthering Badenweiler’s reputation and to make it known internationally. Traces of part of his work can also be found in Badenweiler in the “Haus Hilda”, formerly “Hildaheim”, which he established in cooperation with two fellow doctors and built entirely through donations. Today is “Haus Hilda” part of the historic sights of the town shown to tourists.

The Garden

The private park of the property with its ancient trees surrounding the Villa Martha is still noteworthy today. In 1880, Dr. Thomas acquired an extra piece of neighbouring land and Ernst Krautinger, the garden director of the official parks in Badenweiler, made the plans for it in the English garden style.

The exotic plants for the garden of Villa Martha were brought from the Mainau island (Lake Konstanz). Some of the trees are over 100 years old and contribute to the pleasant scent and shade during the summer months.

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